The Veronicas - The Veronicas

23. listopadu 2014 v 12:56
The Veronicas
Rok vydání: 2014
Singly: You Ruin Me • If You Love Someone

03. Cruel
07. Always
12. Cold

You And Me

23. listopadu 2014 v 12:29
Hiding out in our secret place
In the cabin where our mom wouldn't find us
Making up stupid words all the day
I'll own this cave
Same face with a different name
Wishing that our folks would come and find us
Pointing out every small mistake through each heartbreak

Let Me Out

23. listopadu 2014 v 12:29
I can't take the rain
I can't take the pain
If you are gonna let me down
Do it now, let me down
I'm too scared to sleep
To see you in my dreams
If you are gonna me cry
Do it right, make me cry


23. listopadu 2014 v 12:28
Cause I'm dying here
You were lying here
It was you and I forever
But now you make me shiver in the night

And I'm dying here
And I'm crying over you and I, remember
But now you make me shiver
You're so...

If You Love Someone

23. listopadu 2014 v 12:28
If you love someone
If you love someone

Wake up in the morning, take a breath and let it out
Just forget tomorrow's ever gonna come around
Everybody's medicated, takin' time I'm waiting for the right time
And I'm showing life fullest of your life
Going round and round in circles, we make a weaker on straight ahead
Never ever let a moment pass by,
When all that matters is in the end

More Like Me

23. listopadu 2014 v 12:27
I'm sorry your name doesn't touch his lips
I know it kills you to find out like this
And I think you're crazy
To let him slip through your hands
I heard you're waiting around
But you don't stand a chance

Mad Love

23. listopadu 2014 v 12:27
It's kinda cool in your your company,
it's kinda hot when you're mad at me,
you know I hate it when I lose a fight,
but you'll make it up to me tonight,
I take you places that you've never been,
you make me shiver when you touch my skin,
I know it's easy you don't come around,
I'm running trying to chase you down

Born Bob Dylan

23. listopadu 2014 v 12:26
If I don't say anything it's wrong
If I said it wouldn't come out right
It's been keeping me up all night
Half my life I've been told to shut up
So how am I gonna open up?
Wish you could just read my mind

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